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Projects and activities (in extracts):

Management of functional safety, verification and validation activities in a railway project

Management of functional safety for the future braking system in electrical and hybrid vehicles of a German OEM

Testing of a electronic train information system with respect to EN 50126, EN 50128

Lectures and tutorials on the University of Passau with respect to functional safety


Setup and operation of a certification authority (CA) for issuing certificates according to X.509 (PKI)


Subscription of a Certificate Practise Statement for a certification authority


Assessment of safety concepts of control units with respect to ISO 13849 (programmable control units)

Safety assessment of LIN-bus communication according IEC 61508 (SIL2)

Management of functional Safety according IEC 61508 (SIL3) in an electrical parking brake (EPB)project  in automotive.


Compilation and moderation of Design FMEA, System FMEA und Component FMEDA for the control unit of an electrical parking brake according to (SIL3).



Assesment of safety concepts of micro controller (Multi-Core Processor) with safety integrity measures according the safety integrity level 3 (SIL 3) for  applications in the area of automotive und automation.



Training with respect to functional safety according IEC 61508, hardware and software development and assesment according IEC 61508 as well as training to safety analyses (Component-FMEDA, FTA, FMEA, probabilistic metrics).


Assesment of vehicle control units (e.g. control units for steering wheel lock, ABS, ESP, EPAS) with respect to IEC 61508 (functional safety SIL3).



Safety and security assessment of the new flight control system for the German flight control authority (DFS).



Test and selection of Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems for a big insurance company and setup of a test environment to prevent, detect and defend attacks against the IT infrastructure of the insurance company.



Execution of a workshop with respect to hazard/threat analysis and risk assessment for production plants of the DaimlerChrysler AG on two exemplary production plants (Workplace safety of the   DaimlerChrysler Enterprise)


Realization of a test environment for IT security in intranets of the German Federal Armed Forces.


Consulting of the Saxon state chancellery (KoBIT) about the implementation of a  Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in the InfoHighway of the Free State of Saxony.


Implementation of a prototype of a PKI in the InfoHighway of the Free State of Saxony.



Development and integration of a centralized solution for automatic verification of qualified electronic signatures in signed documents which were attached to emails. Documentation of the verification results and archiving of the messages and documents with the verification results in a electronic storage. Automatic generation of confirmation of receipt as replacement for a registered letter with reply advice. Developed for the Free State of Saxony on behalf of the Saxon state chancellery. (KoBIT).


Evaluation from products for electronic signatures and data encryption according to ITSEC and Common Criteria.


Conceptual design of the central regulation 54/102 for compilation of IT security concept of the German Federal Armed Forces.


Compilation of IT security concepts according to the security protection handbook (IT-Sicherheitshandbuch) and IT-Grundschutz of the German BSI.



Member in expert groups with respect to telematic systems as Referee of the German BSI (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik) of the German BASt (Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen) with respect to immobilizer systems, traffic control systems, driverless automated guided vehicle systems and toll systems.



Formal specification and verification (Development of a tool chain - Verification Support Environment, VSE - in close collaboration with several German Universities and Companies, e.g.: Universies of Karlsruhe, München, ULM, Saarbrücken, and the companies/organizations DFKI and T-Systems debis) as member of the German BSI.


Compiler validation of C compiler according to ANSI C. Project manager of the compiler validation workbench, as member of the BSI.


Project manager of the the projects "D-Kanal-Filter (ISDNwall)" and crypto system "ELCRODAT 6-2" as Referee of the German BSI.


Attendee of international task groups of the NATO and EU with respect to Messaging, Cryptography and Public Key Infrastructures as member of the German BSI.



Technical responsible and technical project manager of the German BSI with respect to planning and implementation of the pan-European communication networks between the Prime Ministers "PrimeNet" and the ministers of Foreign Affairs "DiploNet". The coordination was done in close collaboration with the Council of the European Union in Brussels.


Management and coordination of the study "Ende-zu-Ende-Verschlüsselung in Fest-und Mobilfunknetzen" (ISDN, PSTN, GSM, DECT, UMTS, TETRA).


Development of software for analysis and simulation of communication protocols of ISDN (Protokolle 1TR6, EDSS1, Cornet T/N).


Lectures with respect to communication techniques and cryptography on the University of Applied Science of the German Government (FH des Bundes in Brühl b. Köln).



Approved theory teacher (approved by Luftfahrt-Bundesamt) in all technical professions for education of commercial pilots (CPL), air transport pilots (ATPL) and instrument rating. Holder of the license as commercial pilot CPL (A) with instrument rating (IR) - License 2421000279


As freelancer: Four years lecturer/tutorials at the University of Applied Science of Munich with respect to basics in computer science (programming in PASCAL) in the University department 04 (electrical engineering).


Development of realtime software in ANSI C and Assembler for medical appliaction on basis of the realtime operating system OS9. Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripter for kidney and gallstones.


Mitwirkung bei der Definition moderner Kommunikationskonzepte für die Daten- und Informationsübertragung in Luftfahrzeugen, zwischen Luftfahrzeugen -Luft-Luft- und zwischen Luftfahrzeugen und Bodenstellen -Luft-Boden, z.B. Kommunikations- und Management-Einheit (CMU).


Entwicklung von Hard- und Software für Funksysteme im Bereich der Kurzwelle und VHF/UHF für die Flugsicherung.


Wissenschaftliche Studien über fehlertolerante, störsichere Übertragungsverfahren über Kurzwelle und Kanalmodelle zur Simulation von Übertragungsstrecken.



Entwicklung von Hard- und Software für Fehlerkorrektureinheiten, Korrelationssquelch, Kodierer und Dekodierer für Faltungscode, Bediengerät für HF-Funksysteme der Bw, Fernsteuerkomponenten für Funksysteme und Bedienprogramm für einen TRANSEC-Prozessor.



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